Speculative Fiction Writer

Whether you realize it or not there’s an entire world of weirdness lurking just beneath the surface of everyday life.  My goal as a writer is to grab that weirdness by the collar, horns, or whatever and drag it out into the open for your reading pleasure.  If you finish one of my stories with, “what the heck was that?” then I’ve done my job.

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Something Weird This Way Comes - Kindle   All Things Odd - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-16-2015   Shrouded - Kindle

Lakefell Stories

Something Weird This Way Comes - Kindle   LakeFell Covers - Kindle   LakeFell Covers 2 - Kindle   Lakefell - A Fistful of Soul - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-03-2015   Lakefell - When A Creature Comes Calling - Kindle   Lakefell - Spread Your Wings - Kindle

Speculative Stories

Crossing - Kindle Ebook Cover   A Moment of Peace - Kindle Ebook Cover   Hotter than Hell - Kindle Ebook Cover   Consolation Prize - Kindle Ebook Cover - 10-03-2015   Fail Caesar - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-03-2015   Faith in Numbers - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-07-2015   Mender - Kindle Ebook Cover   Above the Clouds - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-09-2015   Offerings - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-09-2015   Lonely Hero - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-18-2015   Barking at the Dog - Kindle Ebook Cover 10-18-2015   Cancellation Clause - Kindle Ebook Cover - 10-03-2015   Little Green Man - Kindle-PubIt   The Skeptic - Kindle-Nook   Lazarus - Kindle Worlds with Label

Non-Speculative Stories

Shanghai Affair - Kindle   Chicago Typewriter - Kindle   Mad Dash - Kindle   Moving the Mountain - Kindle   From A View - Kindle-Pubit   Sabots - Kindle   Make-up or Break-up - Kindle   Profile Picture - Kindle

Buffet Boy Stories

 I'll Take My Gun to Go - Kindle   Two Scoops of Doom - Kindle

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